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Chicago Children’s Emergency Dentistry is Available at Growing Smiles

If your child is experiencing a sudden dental injury or severe oral pain, please don’t hesitate to contact Growing Smiles right away for the experienced assistance and relief you need most during this stressful time. If the emergency occurs after our office has closed for the day, please follow the prompts on our voicemail for the proper emergency number.  Below, parents can find helpful tips for how to handle the most common pediatric dental emergencies. We recommend printing these out and keeping them nearby just in case!

Knocked Out Tooth - PERMANENT TOOTH

Do you still have the permanent tooth? If so, take care to only touch the crown (the white portion) of the tooth as you rinse it carefully with water. Then, if possible, place the tooth back into your child’s mouth where it once was and hold it in place with a towel. Alternatively, place the tooth in a container of milk and proceed immediately to our office or the nearest hospital. Time is of the essence in these situations; the sooner you and your child reach help, the greater chance that the permanent tooth can be successfully replanted.

If your child has knocked out a baby tooth, apply pressure with a washcloth to stop any bleeding that’s occurring. Our pediatric doctors do not replant baby teeth as it is never advised; however, we do ask that you schedule an appointment so that we can ensure that no other teeth were damaged in the incident.

Object Caught Between Teeth

Try using dental floss to gently dislodge the item – avoid scissors or other sharp tools! If you are unable to remove it, contact us right away.

Broken/Fractured Tooth

Rinse the child’s mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the appropriate cheek to reduce any swelling. If a large portion of the tooth has broken off, place it in a cup of milk and contact us immediately for assistance.

Bitten Lip/Tongue

If your son or daughter has bitten the skin hard enough to cause significant bleeding, clean the area carefully with water and apply a wet towel/washcloth. Our doctors can help determine the seriousness of the bite and whether further action is needed.

Loose Tooth

If a tooth is considerably loose, it is always important to call us, especially if it is a permanent tooth.  Treatment will depend on location of the tooth, age of patient, and severity of injury.  Prior to coming to our office, a soft food diet and analgesics may help with the pain management.


Rinse the child’s mouth with warm water and take a closer look at the tooth to determine whether any noticeable issues (like a trapped object or piece of food) are causing the discomfort. If the pain continues, apply a cold compress and contact our office right away. 

  • While dental emergencies aren’t completely unavoidable, there are steps patients can take to help reduce their child’s risk for experiencing one. They include:
  • Don’t let your child chew on popcorn kernels, ice, or other particularly tough foods.
  • Have your child wear a sportsguard (preferably a customized one from our practice) if they regularly participate in contact sports.
  • Childproof your house to reduce the risk of falls and other physical injuries that could affect their smile.
  • Make sure to bring your child in for a regular dental check-up and cleaning every six months.