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Chicago, IL Restorative Dentistry Rebuilds Smiles

Dental injuries and pain can be a frightening experience for children, but our pediatric team is here to provide a safe place where they can feel welcomed and well taken care of. At Growing Smiles, our available restorative services cover a wide range of needs, including customized, high-quality restorations for damaged and missing teeth, tooth-colored fillings for cavities, and much more. Contact our Chicago, IL area practice to schedule a first appointment with Dr. Kristin, Dr. Reena, or one of our other accomplished doctors.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a lifelike “cap” that’s designed to cover and protect an existing tooth. There are several situations where a new crown could be the right choice for your son or daughter’s smile, including the following:

  • Advanced tooth decay that can’t be treated with a tooth-colored filling.
  • A significant injury to the tooth structure.
  • Deformities/cosmetic flaws.
  • Restoring a tooth that’s been treated with root canal therapy.

At Growing Smiles, we’re glad to help our young patients maintain strong, confident teeth. That’s why our doctors primarily offer tooth-colored restorations that preserve a beautifully natural look while providing much-needed stability and function.

One-Visit Restorations

The wait between appointments for a new, permanent dental restoration can be excruciating, especially for children who are unable to cope with the frustration and discomfort of dental injuries/decay as well as adults can. Thankfully, our doctors are able to offer one-visit restorations for a smoother, more convenient dental care experience that benefits our young patients and their parents alike. Your little one will walk out of our office the same day with an improved smile that looks and feels better than ever!

Root Canal Therapy

When a dental infection moves beyond common tooth decay and reaches the vulnerable inner core of your child’s tooth, a filling can no longer correct the problem. Instead, we’ll recommend root canal therapy to treat the decay and restore full health to the suffering tooth.  This procedure may have a bad reputation, but it’s undeserved – in fact, today’s advanced tools and techniques have helped it become very comfortable for younger and older patients alike. Our doctors will access the inside portion of the affected tooth, remove decay from the area, and seal it once more with a safe, biocompatible substance before fitting the treated structure with a custom crown.  Nitrous Oxide is available for children who need a little extra help relaxing during this involved restorative service.


At Growing Smiles, we always strive to preserve your child’s healthy, natural teeth through the years – but sadly, there are situations where a restorative solution just isn’t possible. If we find ourselves faced with an extremely problematic baby tooth or an adult tooth that’s become severely damaged by infection or injury, our doctors may recommend an extraction procedure to better preserve your child’s oral health and overall wellbeing.  Also, orthodontists often recommend primary or permanent tooth extractions as part of their treatment plan, in which case, all of our doctors are able to extract the prescribed teeth.  Nitrous Oxideis available to help keep your son or daughter completely comfortable throughout the process.