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Protect Your Child’s Oral Health with Chicago Tooth Decay Prevention

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems young patients face, from adolescents all the way down to young babies. This decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth transforms the sugar contained in certain fluids and foods into acids that are powerful and dangerous enough to wear away the protective enamel on the teeth. Dr. Kristin, Dr. Reena, and the rest of our experienced, compassionate staff at Growing Smiles understands the complexities of pediatric tooth decay very well, and we’re here to help with professional guidance and support. Contact our Chicago, IL practice today to schedule an appointment!

The best way to keep tooth decay at bay is to combine a proper brushing and flossing routine with a diet that’s low in sugar. Unfortunately, young children are incapable of maintaining these standards on their own, which is why babies have such a high risk of decay. Baby tooth decay is likely to occur when a child constantly has a bottle filled with formula, milk, or juice that maintains contact with the teeth. The risk is also increased when the child falls asleep and their production of saliva ceases, leaving any liquid in the mouth to gather near the teeth and begin dissolving the enamel.

Our doctors strongly recommend that parents avoid giving their children liquids that are overly sweetened, such as sodas or flavored drinks. Depending on your son or daughter’s age, we may also encourage the use of fluoride treatments or dental sealants to provide additional strength and protection for their vulnerable teeth. Above all else, routine comprehensive check-ups and cleanings here at our Chicago area practice every six months are vital. Our goal is to help young smiles stay perfectly healthy and happy throughout the years!